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Back from Vacation


Erm, that lasted longer than I had expected. Plus I forgot to update. Anyway, I'm going to be posting a new story starting in January - Century. It's all about Bilbo turning 100.

OMY Wrapped up, Small Vacation


I am going to take a break from story posting for a few weeks to take care of some other things. When I come back, it will be with a completely new Shire Story, picking up the tale where On Merry Yule leaves off. Thank you for reading, Anglachel

Next story has begun posting


After a short hiatus, I have begun posting my next story, On Merry Yule. This story originally appeared on HASA in December of 2002 in draft form. It had a lot of major revisions at that time, then was put up for review in early 2004 and was accepted for public viewing. It's been out of view for about two years. I have not made many edits to it, as it was a mature story by the time HASA was retired, but there has been some typo clean up. As usual, my warning is that I do not write children's s ...

New Year, New Story


I'm back to publishing. I've just posted the first chapter of an older story, Legacy. Long-time readers may recall an easrlier version of this story on HASA posted more than 10 years ago. The story has been updated, but the major events and scenes are pretty much the same. Some typos have been fixed, a couple of continuity errors corrected, and a lot more background material put in place. I plan to post one chapter a week, usually sometime on Sunday, but the schedule will be flexible. Happy N ...

Merry Christmas


Yes, I'm kind of back. For the reading delectation of anyone who still visits Rómenna, I have posted a very short, single chapter story to the Gondor story series, Apprehension. I've been engaged in a lot of crazy things this last year, but I have been writing, too, and I'm about to start posting again. We'll be going to the Shire. Anglachel