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Hands of the King

Finduilas of Dol Amroth married Denethor, future Lord Steward of Gondor, for some very specific reasons. A different take on their marriage.

Anglachel's magnum opus. If you like long novels, this one's for you.

Chapter 1 Chapter count: 27 Word count: 234,953 Updated: 07/25/15


Trouble at Casa Anglachel


It's been kind of a shitty week and won't be getting much better until the weekend. I have posted a set of three Denethor POV chapters for your delectation, and may or may not be able to post more until early next week. In other news, I am pulling together notes for a new Hobbit story. After I get HotK re-posted, I will return to the Shire for a while. I plan four new stories in that series, ...