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On Merry Yule

Two weeks in Buckland as Bilbo and Frodo visit during Yule and attend the Wintermark celebration.

Takes place in late-December, 1389, and early January 1390 SR, during the Yule season. Contains a great deal of speculative information about Shire social structure, politics, and economic activity since Bilbo returned from his adventures.

Bilbo and Frodo are main characters. Brandybuck, Took, Bolger, and Burrows relatives show up, and many original characters (OCs), including Dalin, a Dwarf. Mature themes in almost every chapter, descriptions of sexual activity and violence in several chapters.

Not a cheerful feel-good holiday story in any way.

Chapter 1 Chapters: 23 Words: 191,972 Updated: 09/03/17
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I am going to take a break from story posting for a few weeks to take care of some other things. When I come back, it will be with a completely new Shire Story, picking up the tale where On Merry Yule leaves off. Thank you for reading, Anglachel